Time Limited Therapy in Primary Care


a person-centred dialogue

Richard Bryant-Jefferies

ISBN 1 85775 9999 0

This highly readable book provides the reader with an insight into the process of counselling and the issues that can arise when working in a time-limited way. It is set within Primary Health Care (in a GP Surgery), and presents not only insight, but more importantly an experience of the process of counselling, along with the factors that need to be taken into account when working as a counsellor in this environment.The book involves three characters – Mandy, the client, Martin, the counsellor, Anne, the counselling supervisor. Comment boxes are includes within the dialogue to draw attention to the process and to theoretical considerations.

This book is essential reading for all counsellors working in this way, or in this environment, and will be extremely valuable for counselling trainers, supervisors, trainees, and both novice and experienced counsellors. It will also help other members of primary health care teams understand what counselling offers, and how the person-centred approach can be applied within a limited time-frame.

‘In this book the author brings to life in a gripping way what really goes on when a counsellor sees a patient in the primary healthcare setting. It’s good to read for once a book that describes so realistically and movingly the minute-by-minute account of what actually happens, not a book describing clever therapists getting it right all the time. The book should be required reading for newly appointed non-clinical managers of counselling services and for primary healthcare staff about to start working with a counsellor as a member of the team.’

Graham Curtis Jenkins, Director, Counselling in Primary Care Trust and General practitioner (retired)

‘This book delineates the foundations and clinical work of person-centred counsellors in a practice setting. Six sessions are the maximum number of sessions typically available, thus the counsellor is forced to deal with “time-limited therapy”. There is frustration with the limited sessions generally accorded to the clients, but there is also satisfaction that the person-centred approach restricted by time-limited conditions is clinically effective. The author has soundly accomplished a difficult undertaking.’

Jerold Bozarth Professor Emeritus, University of Georgia, in his Foreword

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