The Jigsaw of Life


Richard Bryant-Jefferies

ISBN  0 59548 002 9

Available in printed and e-book formats

Is life some chance occurrence on one large rock spinning around an insignificant sun on the edge of the universe? Or is there a larger picture to life, a greater unseen purpose?

From cosmic evolution to human diversity, life is like a jigsaw of many pieces evolving to find their potential and place in the final picture.

‘We have to face facts, and they are uncomfortable ones. The world is in a mess. People die needlessly by the second. The division between rich and poor is obscene. The exploitation of labour in poorer countries is an offence to humanity. The greed that sets people against each other, the lies of the politicians, and media organisations with their emphasis on gossip and sensationalism and which put sales before genuine news that could nourish human intelligence and under-standing is, at times, frankly unbelievable. But it is not unbelievable. It is true, it is happening and it holds a dominant position on the world stage. We need change.’

From The Jigsaw of Life

Richard Bryant-Jefferies takes you on a fascinating journey from cosmic creation through the threat of competitive separateness to human responsibility, identifying key qualities - pieces of the jigsaw of life - to be set in place in the world to enable the purpose of creation to be fulfilled and revealed.

… meaningful for practitioners in, or people committed to, the Person-Centred Approach and who are interested in a spiritual dimension … important reading for those people who are searching for their own answers in trying to make sense of these type of questions and have no prior knowledge or interest in the Person-Centred Approach.

Irene Fairhurst, Co-founder, British Association for the Person-Centred Approach and Institute for Person Centred-Learning, from her Foreword

… through a series of gentle reflections from a wide variety of perspectives the reader is drawn to consider what it means to be a human being.

Steve Nation, Co-founder and focaliser of Intuition in Service (, from his Foreword


The Cosmic Jigsaw

A New Era

The Wish-Fulfilling Tree

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Human Rights—Human Responsibilities

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Person-centred Psychology: From the Personal...

Person-centred Psychology: the Transpersonal

The Jigsaw of Self

The Thinning of the Veil

Of Life and Death

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