Responding to a Serious Mental Health Problem


person-centred dialogues

Richard Bryant-Jefferies

ISBN 1 85775 703 3

Responding to a Serious Mental Health Problem provides a vivid insight into working with a young person (Ali) who has psychotic symptoms related to his use of cannabis, and with his mother (Fareeda) who is struggling to cope both with Ali and his impact on the family. At one point Ali experiences a psychotic event during the counselling sessions, the counsellor engaging with Ali using the 'pre-therapy' approach to maintain psychological contact.

Fareeda is Moslem and her religious and cultural beliefs become matters that are also explored in the therapy sessions. Supervision sessions are also included in which the counselors explore the work they are doing and gain valuable insights to enable them to work with their respective clients.

Included in this volume is material to inform the training process not only of counselors, but of all mental health professional and those working within psychological therapies and yet is aimed as much for the trainee as for the experienced practitioner, providing a clear insight into the application of the therapeutic values of the person-centre approach in working with those affected by mental health problems.

‘Richard Bryant-Jefferies outlines in considerable detail the value of a person-centred approach to severe mental health problems. The detail is important; he pays great attention to the subtle nuances of relationship…, often missed within mental healthcare but which can be profoundly important to people’s relationships, life and mental health.’

Dr Terry Lynch, GP and psychotherapist

‘Responding to a Serious Mental Health Problem is a valuable text. It offers genuine insight into the impact of substances on adolescent mental health, relationships within the family, and how the person-centred approach can be applied in this area of work. It is a book that will have value in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and all settings where professionals are required to work with young people and families.’           

Movena Lucas, CAMHS Substance Misuse Clinical Nurse Specialist.

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