Counselling for Eating Disorders in Men


Richard Bryant-Jefferies

ISBN 1 85775 758 0

According to the Eating Disorders Association there is a general lack of recognition of eating disorders in men, making it more difficult for male patients to access services, although clients with problems connected with over-eating, under-eating and poor eating form a significant proportion of counsellors' lists.

This book focuses on men whose eating patterns have gnerated side-effects on other aspects of their lives such as work, health and family. By adopting the unique approach of the Living Therapy series, using fictitious dialogue to illustrate the person-centred approach, the reader is able to experience dirctly the diverse and challenging issues surrounding patients. This is difficult to achieve with conventional textbooks.

Counselling for Eating Disorders in Men provides vital insight for trainees and experienced counsellors, as well as for other professionals working with clients with eating disorders. It will also be valuable to men suffering from eating disorders, their families and friends and all who work within agencies helping men who, for whatever reason, have developed a problematic eating pattern.

'This book is so important. Men traditionally do not want to take advice, or seek help for health problems, and this is even more true when thre is no perceived overlap with what society portrays, and indeed actively seems to promote, as "women's conditions". Weight problems and concern over body image are portrayed by the media as exclusively female domains. Add in the myth that men don't actually care about health and you have a dangerous cocktail when it comes to eating disorders. Richard Bryant-Jefferies provides all the information required to get you from A to B when dealing with eating disorders in men.'

Ian Banks, President, European Men's Health Forum.

'Provides a great service. Highly illuminating. Different. The book is as much about the practice of person-centred counselling as it is about eating disorders in men. This is a most wlecome benefit, and offers a significant alternative to the simplistic formulation-treatment model so common in the area of disordered eating. Counselling for Eating Disorders in Men is an important book that will appeal to many different audiences. I welcome its contribution to this growing field.' Ewan Gillon, Lecturer in Psychology, Glasgow Caledonian University, and Founder and Director of Men's Talk, a counselling and psychotherapy service for men.

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