World affairs

World Affairs

Gaza (the Gaza Ghetto) - 28th August 2014

The fighting has stopped but the entrenched attitudes of  hatred remain - not surprising given what has happened.

The reality is, of course, that there can be no peace without justice, and without lands stolen from Palestinians to some degreee being returned by the Israeli's.

Israel fears for its security, and given the history of the  bombings in the past that is understandable.

The Palestinians want to have the freedom to get on with their lives, rebuild and  live without constant Israeli blockade and interference.

Looking at the rubble in Gaza today I am reminded of images of the Warsaw Ghetto at the end of the 2 World War. It is ironic that  Israel has in effect created a Gaza Ghetto given the experience of Jewish people themselves being herded into small, overcrowded areas and subjected to brutalisation.

I have a petition calling on giverments and the media to start referring to Gaza as the Gaza Ghetto, as this is surely a more accurate reflection of what the Israeli's have created. Please go to :

But don't think I am only critical of the Israeli's. Hamas has to renounce violence and oppression as well, and it's aim of destroying Israel.  Firing rockets into Israel  has to stop as well. It achieves nothing but more bloodshed and an endless cycle of tit-for-tat  bloodshed.

Towads a United States of the Middle East -  28th August 2014

When will the West realise that it cannot 'sort' the Middle East? Only the Middle East can do that which will require nations working together, putting aside differences, and very likely eventually working towards some kind of a United States of the Middle East - which the West fears as the West loves divide and rule... So more arms sent into a fragmented region whilst maybe helping to address a short term crisis, will simply throw fuel on the medium term fire given the continued fragmentation and animosities manifest today.

Ukraine / Russia - 2nd March 2014

Headlines - Western Democracies support overthrow of elected Ukraine government. Posturing international politicians take opposing sides. No sign of wise heads identifying middle ground to draw opposing forces to a compromise.

Democracy only works with consent. Polarised views do not allow democracy to function so highly likely Ukraine has to split, or one side or the other will function as a dictatorship to hold power.

So, let's consider what could happen next if it goes like WW1.

Russia invades Ukraine.

NATO stands with Ukraine and threatens military support leading to a declaration of war although Turkey has deep reservations being on the front line.

Muslim separatists within old USSR states side with Ukraine. Muslim countries split. More ferment in the region and the Middle East.

China support Russia, invades Taiwan, annexes disputed territory in China Sea. Japan and China clash.

Ukraine - 1st March 2014

Democracy requires tolerance to survive. Two polarised views make democracy very difficult. We have in Ukraine a classic revolution, people trying to overthrow a regime, but are they a majority? The country is politically divided geographically and this means big problems.  Someone needs to be trying to bring the two parties together, otherwise there will only be more violence and chaos.

Meanwhile the powers outside threaten to get involved and this can only add to the problem.

What we have learned in recent years is that when a super-power muscles in on a country, the other super-powers back down. Russia is getting in first this time.

In the 100 year anniversary of the 1st World War you would have hoped politicians to be less bellicose and more collaborative in finding solutions. Have we learned nothing?

Let us pray and work for a solution, fast, before everything spirals even more out of control.



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