Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity


I just want to say that it is a fact that human beings tend to favour and feel more comfortable with people who are similar to themselves - race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.


If we want to move from being


  a multi-cultural society - lots of cultures all living side-by-side




  an inter-cultural society - cultures mixing to enrich everyone


we have to learn to respect and value difference and override our prejudicial reactions to those from whom we are different.


Remember, where there is difference it is not simply the other person that is different. We are at the other end of the difference relationship.  Our differences are as much a factor as the other person's. We need to reflect and own the differences we bring into relationship with those around us.


And we need to stop blaming - blaming others, judging them, making out our way is superior. Maybe it is sometimes, but maybe not. Be open to learning. Don't get caught up in thinking your sense of superiority gives you a right to be intolerant of others. No-one in this world is perfect. Nothing man-made is perfect, including man-made interpretations of religious belief and texts. 


Surely it is also better to accept difference than tolerate (put up with)?  Acceptance and humility seem to be qualities sadly lacking in so may societies these days across the world.

    Easing the Lockdown too quickly - A Case of Unlawful Indirect Discrimination?

    Richard Bryant-Jefferies

    11th June 2020

    I find myself wondering about the legality of the hasty easing of the covid-19 lockdown.

    You could argue that relaxing the lock down where the risk of increased infection spread and death is a clear and present danger is unlawful indirect discrimination under the UK Equality Act 2010 by age, race, gender and disability. Older people, BAME people, men, and people with disabling health conditions will be disprortionately and most adversely affected by this action.

    I leave it for others more knowledgeable on this topic to decide whether there is a need for at the very least public debate on this point, or a legel action to clarify where the public stand on this Government action.



    I don't do it any more. Too much is lost in soundbites