Science and Understanding

Science and Understanding

Multiple Universes

The notion of there being multiple universes stems from methematics and attempts to build theoretical explanations of, and for, the world around us.  But it seems that the idea of mathematics as a language for understanding processes has been taken for a representation of reality.

Yes, infinite possibilities exist in every moment with choices and actions and everything that could happen. But that does not mean that there are infinite universes in which all possibilities are in some way lived out? Surely the maths tells us that all possibilities exist. But in each moment they are collapsed into the reality of what actually happens and is experienced, and then the next moment happens and the process continues.


Mathematicians talk of infinite sequences of numbers, and yet they always start with a first number. Surely infinity should run in both direction in number sequencing? It makes no sense to only have infinity at one end. Or are we having to say infinity only travels in one direction? I suppose that is what science wants us to believe because then it support creation of infinity out of a singularity in a big bang. But it seems to me much more likely that infinity, if it exists, has to run both forwards and backwards in space-time.



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