Let me introduce myself. I am an author of books (non-fiction and fiction) on counselling and psychotherapy themes, and self-development. I have had over 20 titles published and numerous chapters in books edited by other professionals.

I also have experience of working in the NHS as a manager and healthcare professional, working in addictions and in strategic management roles including Equality and Diversity.

The links on the menu will take you to pages providing more information about the services that I offer, the books that I have written, aricles and blogs. In particular I have written a great deal on a covid-19 blog, tracking what is happening in the UK from the start of the pandemic.

Please look at my Declaration of Human Responsibilities and publicise this if you feel able. I believe we need to emphasise this area much more strongly. Human Responsibilities underpin Human Rights.  We have to  all take more responsibility for the effects of our actions and attitudes.



I don't use this any more. Meaning gets lost in soundbites.


I often comment on news items on the Guardian newpapers website. Click here to access a listing of my comments. .In particular I have voiced many concerns over the Government handling of Covid-19.